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Concept Project Costs

The estimated cost of construction for the recommended concept design is approximately 13 to 15 million dollars. This estimate includes the project items shown in the table below.



This estimate does not include the cost of engineering or right-of-way (plans, acquisition, and acquisition services). The estimated cost of engineering and right of way is 2 to 2.5 million dollars.

If the Town is unable to secure funding for the recommended design, the project will still be viable with other alternatives. However, these other alternatives do not provide the overall benefits of the recommended one. The next option is to proceed with an alternate south-side design, which does not include relocating the River Frontage Road, reduces the scope of the park-n-ride relocation, and shortens the overpass structure. The estimated construction cost of this alternative is approximately 11 to 13 million dollars, plus similar estimated costs for engineering and right of way.